Thursday, October 28, 2010

Think Monster

It's creeping around the corner in high top sneakers (he's one of my favorites)
So here we are 3 short days until Halloween.  There is still the possibility of a couple of last minute orders getting out - with some additional shipping costs for any of you who are last minute costume shopping.  Anyone still need a fabulous witch hat for their costume? Let me know!

It's been a great first run at a holiday season - so far.  I figure Halloween is my primary season for hats but there are some new products in the works to extend my reach. I have ideas, I'm brainstorming and open to suggestions, too.

On another note... a Purple Monster Note
This Halloween I've been so occupied with making hats, I was having a hard time feeling inspired for my own costume... until I came across a link to this tutorial while researching sewing techniques the other day - How to make MONSTER FEET!  What? Easy to make fabulous MONSTER FEET??? Yes, really! It inspired me to no end, setting off a completely manic spree of Monster Feet making that lead to my inevitable conclusion... I MUST be a One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater for Halloween this year! Yes, definitely!

Now, how to pull this off?
Well, I learned how to make dreaded roving wool hair falls.
Then I made a Hat - because of course I have to wear a hat.
And I needed to have only one eye... so I made an eye patch
And I needed a horn, so I made two, but will only wear one of them for this costume. 
And I'd need some kind of Monster Fur Shirt - I added to a purple tank top I already had
 And I'd need arm and leg warmers out of Monster Fur too, of course!

But what to wear on my butt? Well a TUTU of course! With purple tights and fishnets over the top to look like scales and black bicycle shorts to make sure I'm covered. As I'm sure those who know me are aware, I already had the tutu. 
AND MONSTER FEET!!!!! Not the best picture, there will be more, but yes, my toenails are painted silver, because everyone knows that girly monsters like silver toes!
Oh, and one last thing to top it all off... I had to have some kind of Monster purse to carry for the night, a normal purse simply wouldn't due! (Covered a small cardboard box & made a lid & a chain shoulder strap.)

I think that does it. BUT just in case, someone might want to see... here are the MONSTER FEET we made for my husband & children.  Madelynn made her own in silver and Ely & I worked together on his (green) & Greg's (black).



  1. Oop, I almost for got to mention, I also bought purple butterfly wings to wear. Can't Fly without wings. Duh!

  2. Darian, you're such an artist! Love!