Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween Monster Costume Photos and Hat Update

Monster Smash
So the Monster costume discussed in my last post came out great once it was all put together. Some lessons learned, for instance, that when making monster feet, don't get too extreme with them.  By this I mean, when I made ours I made the feet & toes really big, going for maximum monster effect, but wasn't accounting for how much wear & tear the strain of the additional length would have on the whole piece. After going to the Colorado Railroad Museum on Saturday for their Trick or Treating and walking around for an hour or two both Ely & my feet broke. Ely's in a more spectacular way, practically exploding off his foot while chasing Cyrus around an open area.  Mine on the other hand only split one foot down the side from walking.

So there you are, lesson learned: Keep Monster Feet/Toes only 1-2" longer than the shoe (mine were approx. 6-8" longer than my shoe).

So on Sunday night Greg & I went out to The Church nightclub and I had to wear boots instead, which was probably for the best since my toes probably would have been stepped on had I been wearing the monster feet, and dancing may have been an exercise in not falling.
Here are a couple of photos from both events:

So after Halloween, I experienced some kind of energy lull. Perhaps adjusting to the time change. Obviously I wasn't posting on here, but I also wasn't making hats.  I think I just need a little time to recover from the Halloween rush, it came upon me so quickly this year, I was unprepared and was rushing to complete my many mini witch hats in time.
Steampunk Inspiration
Now that my creative batteries have been re-charged, I'm back at it. I was inspired by THIS and have just listed on Etsy a fabulous new Time Travel inspired Steampunk style hat that has a clock work "flower".  It was so much fun to make and figure out.

More to Come
I am also working on several vinyl - the shiny PVC kind - hats, and working on another version of the snow leopard fake fur hat, so much in the works!

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