Friday, October 15, 2010

Applying My New Skills

I'm so excited. I've been learning so many awesome new techniques that I just have to show off my latest creation. There will be much more to show on Monday but for now, just a small peak...

Allow me to introduce: MONSTER MELT (scroll down for the pics)
I've actually learned how to cover the frame/base of my hat with fabric. And even better, I've learned how to finish off the inside so it looks more professional. And making bows has always been a challange for me but i believe I've found a solution. Check out the listing on Etsy.

Coming Soon
In a couple of days, furry snow leopard print fabulousness AND the shiny is making an appearance! I am in the process of making a hat out of alligator print silver vinyl covered with fishnet that will knock your socks off. Tons of ideas and new hats in the works.  I've got plans for a true Steampunk inspired hat: brown leather with shiny brass gears and watch parts. It's going to be - well, fabulous!

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