Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tune up

So I just got back my sewing machine from the repair shop. Whoo Hoo! More hats in the making tonight!

I've had my Baby Lock for about 15 years, I call her Betty, and had never taken her in for a tune up and then on my last move she got accidentally dropped... okay well actually I had a fit while sewing a piece of vinyl (it sticks to the metal presser foot) and Betty got knocked off my sewing table - uh accidentally, yeah, that's what happened uh huh.  I don't normally have a temper about these things, just when machines don't do what they were designed to do - sew darn you sew, I'm going out tonight and I NEEED my shiny skirt done!  After the fall she started making strange noises, having problems with the tension & not behaving well at all - so I took her in. Apparently you are supposed to maintain these kinds of machines with regular oiling and cleanings.  I hadn't. I lost the manual so long ago I haven't the faintest idea where it could be & I can't find one online... I've looked, Betty's too old.

It seemed she had indigestion from all of the goopy thread fabric particle things getting in her gears...and she was getting very noisy.  So I brought her in, and was humbled by the long lecture on proper care and maintenance of a sewing machine I received from the elder repair man. Bad sewing machine owner, bad girl, sit, stay.  I was told several times that my Baby Lock is a good machine because she is older and they will likely be able to get her back in to very good condition. Which they did - even though it took 2.5 weeks and the kicker, it cost $315 to get her back. Yikes! For that price I could have gone down to Jo-Ann's Fabric's and purchased a brand new Singer.  I won't give up on Betty, and Baby Locks are way, way better machines anyway. I have a quality Betty and she's staying with me.

So tonight Betty & I will be off to the sewing races... hopefully more quietly.  I can't wait to test her out. I even went today and purchased machine oil to maintain her AND I found a Teflon presser foot for her that is specifically made for freaks ( like me) who sew vinyl! So cool.... Maybe vinyl hats... oooh... the shiny. Love the shiny! =) 

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