Friday, August 27, 2010

Creator Dark Survivor Glitter Fairy Princess

That is who I truly am. Me with my muchness full blown. And it is the me I am trying to find again. The past 8 years have been simply too much for my muchness; the good, the bad, the ugly - way too much of the bad and the ugly - but reaping more of the good, finally.  My muchness potion had lost it's potency with stress' constant presence. So it's time for a new recipe. 

In the revised potion of me, I've added a touch more of the mature yet still cool Creator, crafter, mom-ness me, than the Glitter Fairy Princess (GFP) - but enough of the GFP me to keep things fun and spontaneous.  There is no more need for Dark me, who is my protector and joined at the hip to Survivor me.  Both were once key ingredients and will always be revered for their robust and complex flavors. For now, I've only stirred in a pinch of each.  They have been released to go play in the woods, and be called upon if more is needed.  

So now I ask, what will give my revised potion for muchness the added kick of sustainability?
Start my own craft business of course!  I am finally happy and supported in my personal life, giving me that stabilizing hand to hold while taking the first steps of this journey towards my treasured childhood dream.  Yes, I know it doesn't go with the rest of the metaphors in this post but bear with me.  The challenge and the joy of creating something new every day is sinking in to the new potion.  Now combined with the shop, it is already re-charging my fuel cells reviving me, in the way a stew or potion just gets better when cooked long and slow as the nutrients sink in and the flavors marinate. No microwaved soup for dinner this time but a genuinely filling slow cooked meal feeding my muchness for a long time to come.  It's happening.  It's really happening.  I am overwhelmed with how amazing this feels.  Thank you. Thank you to everyone.  I am grateful. 

Hummm, all this food talk has made me hungry for lunch
And thank you Havi, your blog inspired me to write this blog. 

Image by RubyDragonMoon via Photobucket, used under a Creative Commons license.

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