Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's my Birthday...

Hard to believe I am starting the last year of my 30s.  Weird. I don't feel almost 40, well except my knees but that's a different story.

And things have been crazier than usual for the past few weeks.  All should be back to normal for a while so posting can get back onto a somewhat regular schedule.  My goal is to post 2 times a week, that may not always happen, but it's good to have a goal. So there it is!

Some things coming soon - or here now.

  • I've started making Mini Witch Hats!  They are super cute and are a blast to make. I've completed three and one is already listed on Etsy - go look, go look!  I'll post the other 2 I've finished in the next day or two.  I've got 3 more in the works and we'll go from there.  Any fantabulous witches out there? I've got the hat for you! 
  • I've also got mini derby hats... but unfortunately they are a few inches smaller than anticipated... Okay so an inch and a half smaller but that makes a huge difference, they are more of a 4" hat as opposed to my regular mini tops at 5.5" or the witch hats which are 6" (witch which, witch which, hee hee).  These are more doll sized... or maybe child-infant sized.  I'm going to play with them and see what my twisted mind can come up with;  earmuffs, hair bun covers, a hat themed bra? Maybe hats for cats?  It's a work in progress. 
  • Post coming soon on How I make Mini Top Hats with lots of photos of the process. Maybe someone will enjoy seeing how these mini creations come into being.
  • New Styles - I am also toying with some other new hat styles, looking into mini versions of cowboy/girl hats, padre hats and stovepipe top hats.  Any other suggestions?
  • For that matter, any suggestions on hat themes? Anyone? McFly?  I'd love to hear any suggestions, challenges, or ideas. 
  • Also, my fabulous husband got me for my birthday, classes in making "real" (adult sized) hats - most likely without a glue gun even. I will be starting out with making straw hats and progressing from there. I am super excited about learning true millinery skills. I've always loved hats - at one time even had an extensive vintage hat collection hanging on my apartment wall. What ever happened to them? Now I get to learn how to make them. Yay!
So I think that's it for now. Lots of fun new stuff coming this way.

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