Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why do I Create?

This post was inspired by Tara Scoutie Girl's post on the topic: http://www.scoutiegirl.com/2010/12/why-do-you-make.html
In the Beginning

I make because I can't not make, I can't help myself. I taught myself how to sew at age 4, it's all expanded from there.  I don't remember what inspired me then or where I saw it - no one in my family sews, but I had to do it.  Now, if I didn't I think I'd explode. It's essential for my peace of mind. It's my stress ball.
My first sewing project

I would beg my mom to take me to the fabric store. I loved walking through the isles of fabric, touching them all. I'd pour over patterns - so many options my brain would go on creative overload. I'd wrangle the fabric bolts up to the cutting counter, and tell the clerk confidently how much I needed.  Without fail she would look from me to my mother, and then ask my mom if it was the correct amount. She would look at the clerk and reply flatly "I have no idea, I don't know which end of the needle to thread". They'd cut my fabric, I'd skip to the car and squirm all the way home with excitement to create something.
The children's isle in craft stores was like a friend just waiting to be picked to play and I couldn't get enough play dates. I made hook rugs, paper flowers, paint by number paintings, pet rocks, paper mache, sun catchers with baking crystals, and many, many more. All eventually evolving into a minor in Art at college - I had three principle focuses at the time; ceramics, photography & jewelry making.  Then after college, I think out of boredom, I took some outside classes and discovered I had a knack for knitting.  Which I became completely obsessed with until I knitted it out of my system.  That same year I picked up candle and soap making too. I also love to alter things; for example, I found a fantastic men's tail Tux coat in a beautiful and subtle stripe.  So I decided to "give it some character" here is the result:

And now I make hats
Something I fell into while planning my wedding.  I was searching for a mini top hat that wasn't too expensive but wildly over the top in blue and purple, to match my dress. I couldn't find one so I ended up making my own.

Then I started finding tutorials on felting hats and exploring millinery techniques, then my husband bought me a Millinery Instruction Kit for my birthday.  I am learning more all the time. Which is a big part of what I love about it,  there is so much to learn, I also love that there are so many creative options with hats; size, shape, themes, colors, fabrics, bows, feathers, found objects.  There really is no limit and each one comes out unique. I think that is my favorite part.
Here's the latest creation:

So Why do I Create?
Sometimes I see something and think "I can make that" - better, cooler, cheaper, in a different color
Sometimes I need something that I can't find and think "how can I make it?"
Sometimes I need something for my hands to do so my brain can relax.
Sometimes I need the challenge of learning a new skill or refining old ones.

How about you? Why do you create?

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